About Us

FitzWalter Capital is a global private investment firm. It provides.


particularly in contexts of complexity, transition, and other special situations;



supporting management in the unlocking of a business or asset’s full potential.

FitzWalter invests across a broad spectrum of sectors and asset classes, including corporate businesses, real estate, renewables, aircraft and other “hard” assets. We are entirely flexible as to nature of instrument or asset and markets in which we invest. We are rigorously discerning and seek the highest quality businesses and assets in each of our areas of focus.

FitzWalter is inherently global, with offices in London, New York and Hamburg.

FitzWalter commits to exemplify its core qualities:

Uncommonly Decisive

Although we are contemplative, disciplined and patient in our decisions, those we engage with are always able to know where we stand.

Uncommonly Aligned

The partners of FitzWalter comprise one of the largest investors in our funds, and accordingly, representation of our investors' capital “as if it were our own” is more than aspiration.

Singularly Focused

All the partners dedicate their business activities to FitzWalter's responsibilities to our funds (and associated vehicles) and to engagement with our counterparties and other stakeholders.

Resolutely Committed to our Culture

FitzWalter and its partners bring a longstanding, resolved culture of recognising the faith placed in us by our investors and respecting the privileges afforded to us by the broader community. Long term, sustainable approaches are the essence of FitzWalter.